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WDS Compactor and Baler Solutions

In creating the website for WDS Compactor & Baler Solutions, Lava swiftly and effectively integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and best SEO practices to skyrocket to the top of organic search results in just a few weeks. Its AI-enhanced clean design and mobile-friendly UI make it incredibly easy for visitors to request a quote. WDS harnesses the synergy of efficient web design, robust SEO strategies, and AI capabilities to ensure that users can effortlessly find what they need and obtain quotes, demonstrating the company's commitment to achieving peak efficiency in waste management.


WDS Compactor and Baler Solutions

Project Highlights

  • Streamlined site architecture

  • Fully integrated SEO

  • Easily consumable product pages with detailed PDFs

  • Online chat feature

  • AI-driven research and content strategy

The product page excels in presenting a wealth of information at a glance. Its design is characterized by efficiency, allowing users to quickly access key details without feeling overwhelmed. The site offers a clear overview of various trash compactor and bailer models, with concise product summaries and high-quality images. Users can easily compare options, thanks to the neatly organized specifications and features displayed for each model.

The subpages' user-centric layout encourages users to explore further by providing PDFs for more detailed information, ensuring that visitors can tailor their experience based on their specific needs. This balance between providing essential information upfront while offering in-depth resources exemplifies the user-friendly design and accessibility of the page.

We have enjoyed working with the Lava team to design and develop our new website. Throughout the process, the Lava team provided clear communication and recommendations for a user-friendly website. The Lava team took our vision and made it into a reality! I would highly recommend Lava and look forward to working with the them in the future

Katherine Givan, WDS Compactor and Baler Solutions 

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