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Studio Booth Salon & Spa

The website for Studio Booth is a striking example of user engagement and a visually appealing interface that resonates particularly well with a primarily mobile audience. A standout feature is the before-and-after interactive reveal, allowing users to witness transformative changes in hair styles firsthand. This engaging and dynamic element not only showcases Studio Booth's expertise but also encourages users to take that next step and pick up the phone.


Studio Booth Salon & Spa

Project Highlights

  • Web design

  • Before/after photo reveal

  • Mobile-first UI

  • Simple admin interface to manage content

The website's clean and minimalistic interface contributes to a seamless user experience, making navigation effortless and content easily digestible. This simplicity is a benefit for Studio Booth's mobile-oriented audience, ensuring that they can access information and services conveniently, regardless of their device.

During the discovery phase of our project with Studio Booth, we recognized a clear and pressing objective: streamline the process for users to make appointments swiftly and effortlessly. Our insights revealed that visitors to the website were predominantly seeking immediate and practical information. They preferred a visual and concise approach over extensive text.

A Picture is Worth...

In the development of Studio Booth's website, we understood that imagery reigned supreme. Users crave visual experiences, and when it comes to a hair salon, they want to see the artistry in action. From captivating photos of stunning hair transformations to snapshots of the inviting studio ambiance and friendly team members, we knew that imagery was key to sparking intrigue. Ultimately, our goal was to inspire users to take that decisive step and pick up the phone to schedule their next appointment, driven by the visual allure of Studio Booth's work, environment, and talented team.

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