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Saint Philip Roman Catholic Parish

The Saint Philip Catholic Parish website prioritizes user convenience by ensuring that essential information, such as the Liturgy Schedule and bulletins, is easily accessible without the need for extensive searching. This user-centric approach focuses on promptly delivering the key resources visitors seek, creating a seamless and efficient online experience for parishioners and visitors alike.


Saint Philip Roman Catholic Parish

Project Highlights

  • Visual imagery of history architecture

  • Easy access to Liturgy schedule

  • Current and archived bulletins

The St. Philip Parish website is a digital embodiment of the parish's rich history, seamlessly blending information, imagery, and interactive engagement. It takes visitors on a journey through time, from the parish's establishment in 1839 to its present-day vibrancy to attract new parishioners.

Whether someone is seeking information on religious education programs, the various ministries active within the parish, or details about upcoming sacramental celebrations, the website provides a user-friendly platform that ensures quick and convenient access to these vital aspects of parish life. This organization of information empowers both parishioners and newcomers to engage actively in the rich tapestry of St. Philip's spiritual and community offerings.

Client Check-in... What's the latest?

Saint Philip Catholic Parish again recently partnered with Lava to update their CMS to a recent version that gives them even more features than before. With Lava at the helm, this transition was achieved effortlessly, elevating Saint Philip Catholic Parish the need to allocate resources for a complete redesign or content overhaul. Instead, this presented an opportunity for them to leverage our expertise in creating additional custom functionality and offering greater flexibility in page editing.

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