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Pittsburgh Opera

The Pittsburgh Opera's new website wasn't just a visual overhaul – it was a testament to our ability to understand complex organizational challenges. We solved their puzzle, ensuring their legacy was preserved while modernizing their digital presence. Today, they enjoy a platform that marries aesthetics with operational efficiency, showcasing seasons, shows and performances, both past and present, in a way that not only respects their history but sets the stage for their future.


Pittsburgh Opera

Project Highlights

  • Show and Season organization

  • Complete custom web design

  • Calendar of events

  • Archive method of past shows

Creating a website for the Pittsburgh Opera wasn't about simply making it look good – it was about understanding their operational intricacies. We delved deep into their requirements, recognizing that their performances spanned decades, with records dating back to the 1940s. Seasons containing shows, shows containing performances, each with their own brand and requirements... all of this needed to be managed by the Opera admins in a straightforward way.

At Lava, we not only provided a site with captivating visuals, but also functionality the Pittsburgh Opera needed. Our expertise went beyond design, addressing the complex organizational challenges that mattered most to them. We provided a tailored content management system that allowed Opera administrators to easily manage shows, performances, seasons and much more. By collaborating closely with their team, we ensured that every operational nuance was translated into a digital framework that made sense to them.

Pittsburgh Opera’s new website is a vast improvement over our old site. Lava went above and beyond for us, and completed the project on a very accelerated timeline. We value their partnership and thank them for their great work.

Chris Cox, Director of Marketing and Communications

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