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Master Builders' Association

With a vast and meticulously categorized member database, the Master Builders' Association (MBA) website offers a comprehensive resource for users seeking to connect with industry professionals. The intuitive search functionality simplifies member discovery, and the succinct member summaries with contact information facilitate quick and efficient networking. Each member's individual detail page, complete with a unique URL, not only enriches their online presence but also promotes visibility within the MBA community.


Master Builders' Association

Project Highlights

  • Large member database with advanced search and categorization

  • Event promotion and registration

  • Latest news widget

  • Member-specific resources

A notable achievement is the seamless integration of the member database into the Content Management System (CMS) implemented by Lava, streamlining member management. Beyond the member directory, the website provides valuable resources for its members and general visitors including the Latest News, Events, and safety-related information.

Guided by its vision, the MBA website is dedicated to supporting and advocating for its members and the community at large. The site prominently emphasizes core values such as Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Labor Relations, and Workforce Development, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a strong and inclusive construction industry in Western Pennsylvania.

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Instead of jumping into designs or code, Lava prioritizes a comprehensive Discovery Phase, a pivotal step to our process. Central to this phase (especially for websites with multiple user roles) is the creation of a User Identification Profile (UIP). This UIP meticulously defines permissions and access levels for distinct user categories. From the general visitors who seek essential public content to the active members enjoying privileges like profile updates, and finally, the super administrators entrusted with platform management – the UIP ensures clear boundaries and tailored experiences for each group. This groundwork allowed for a secure, efficient, and user-centric website interaction that aligned with the specific needs of MBA's diverse user base.

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