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Mascaro Construction Company

At Lava, we understand the importance of user-centric design and efficient information accessibility. Mascaro Construction Company (Mascaro) has been accumulating a beautiful portfolio of projects for over 30 years. To present these projects and case studies, Lava created an intuitive filtering system that streamlined the user experience so that visitors with varying construction needs could effortlessly find relevant projects. This not only saves time but also ensures that visitors can pinpoint the exact information they seek, fostering a positive user experience.


Mascaro Construction Company

Project Highlights

  • Advanced portfolio with the ability to filter projects based on target audience preference

  • Job posting for potential hires

  • Online forms with the ability to register for upcoming events

To present Mascaro's decades-worth of projects without overwhelming the users, we implemented a robust categorization system that classified projects based on various criteria such as project type, market, and service. This categorization allows visitors to quickly identify projects that align with their specific interests or requirements. Whether a visitor is searching for commercial, industrial, or residential projects, they can easily navigate to the relevant section.

Prospective clients for Mascaro were not the only main target audience that we at Lava identified during our initial discovery phase. Enticing potential employees was a critical HR need. To achieve this, we strategically integrated captivating photos and testimonials to showcase the vibrant work culture and family atmosphere that define the Mascaro Advantage. We also optimized the job application process to be user-friendly and efficient. This approach has not only continued to attract top talent but has also conveyed that Mascaro Construction "affords each employee the opportunity to grow, learn, give and receive feedback, and succeed."

Mascaro is a repeat customer of Lava. Their team listens to what we want and delivers. They’re easy to work with and respond promptly. They’ve helped us create and maintain a website with an innovative presence that is also easy to update. It has always been a positive collaborative experience when working with Ed, Dave, and Tom.

Kristina Falvo, Director, Marketing

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