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The website for KidsVoice needed a simple and clean way to present its holistic approach to individualized advocacy and social equity. One of its key strengths lies in the extensive resource center, thoughtfully organized with a wealth of information and PDFs, all meticulously categorized and easily searchable. This empowers users, including guardians, advocates, and stakeholders, to quickly access vital information, ensuring they are well-informed and equipped to navigate the complexities of the child advocacy landscape.


Project Highlights

  • Web design targeted to potential donors, advocates and caregivers

  • Searchable resource center

  • Online donations

  • E-newsletter integration

The website features a seamless online donation system, simplifying the process for supporters to contribute to KidsVoice's crucial mission with ease and security. This not only facilitates fundraising efforts but the e-commerce solution that Lava integrated also allows admins to easily track member donations, event registrations and corporate sponsors.

The fully integrated e-newsletter functionality enhances communication and outreach. Users can effortlessly subscribe to stay updated on KidsVoice's latest developments, ensuring they remain connected with the organization's "Empowering Hope" initiatives and impact.

Our Client's Clients

At Lava, we gauge our success not only by a website's functionality for our clients but also by its resonance with their target audiences. Our journey begins with comprehensive questionnaires that illuminate internal staff requirements, ensuring that every facet of the project aligns with our client's vision. But we don't stop there.  Additionally, we extend our outreach to trusted KidsVoice donors, board members, and key target audience members, eliciting their input through tailored online surveys. These efforts consistently yield valuable insights. In the case of KidsVoice, this approach brought the importance of an easily accessible donation process to the forefront, reaffirming our commitment to creating websites that bridge the gap between client goals and audience needs.

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